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Inspiring kids to leave their mark!

Paw Prints Publishing aims to build empathy, empowerment, and engagement in today's young people by creating quality books that are fun, informative, and representative of diverse and authentic voices.


Highlights from Spring & Summer 2024

Bunso Meets a Mumu"...cartoon-style drawings, and a muted palette of yellows, reds, blues, and purples craft an inventive and absorbing origin story. Swift yet simple action sequences convey low-stakes conflict, and Forsynthia’s fourth wall–breaking narration and enthusiasm for her mother’s research are refreshing and endearing. Ages 7–9. Agent: Jessica Watterson, Publishers Weekly.  Order Now
Might Mara"...[I]llustrator Hopgood...brings movement and a child-centered framework to adult text. The warm palette of the artwork conveys its optimism, and softly edged pencil, chalk, and ink images feature the singing bird moving resolutely forward. ... This artistic interpretation breathes fresh life into a moving and familiar metaphor and is well suited for home and library enjoyment."— Kit Ballenger, Booklist  Order Now
What Color is My Patka"This tale is told in Gondolfi’s casual rhyming text; the goal is not perfect scansion but the compelling idea, its execution, and the revolution itself. Romanick’s art offers many hilarious moments, with a diverse street crew, a wide array of birds/comrades, and suspense as the first “bomb” is dropped. VERDICT Pure silliness, this is sure to be popular with the early elementary set."–Ginnie Abbott, SLJ  Order Now

What Color is My Patka"Santoya’s vividly colored illustrations accurately display the marvels of the museum and depict a diverse cast of characters." - Sue Morgan, SLJ

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All Spring/Summer 2024 Titles


Coming Soon

All Mixed Up

Raj Tawney | 10/28/2024 | Hardcover| 9781223188553 | $17.99

A multi-ethnic American boy forges a complex friendship with a Pakistani immigrant in the wake of 9/11. It's 2002--less than one year after the September 11th attacks-- and sixth-grader Kamal Rao is tackling a brave new world of challenges, including figuring out who he really is and how he fits in. Order Now 

Blexi, Play!

Alliah Agostini | 09/24/2024 | Hardcover | 9781223188478 | $15.99

Dealing with a stubborn smart home speaker results in welcome lessons about patience in this Level 1 early reader. Blexi listens to Mom and Blexi listens to Dad -- but Blexi doesn't listen to Liam! No matter how much Liam tries to get Blexi to do what he asks, the smart speaker simply won’t listen. What can Liam do? Learn some patience and kindness, of course! Order Now


Dac Trung Tran | 02/04/2025 | Hardcover | 9781223188683 | $18.99

A young boy wakes to find his mother has left for work early but she's also taken the time to leave him a note of encouragement, meant to guide him through his daily chores. Order Now



Frances Stickley | 10/01/2024 | Hardcover | 9781223188577| $18.99

Once there was a scary troll with a scary voice and the scariest love for trolling the forest creatures that dared to come anywhere near him. Each day, he shouted nasty warnings to passersby, telling them to hurry along. But he never faced his victims, choosing instead to shout the obscenities from inside his cave. Then one day Troll comes face to face with one of those victims: a sweet little rabbit, who can't hear and, therefore, can’t understand Troll’s bullyish behavior. Suddenly, trolling isn’t as fun for Troll when the recipient is real…and defenseless. Join Troll as he learns the power of words to both empower and to harm and relish in his transformation from thug to friend as he embraces a new voice for love. Order Now

All Fall/Winter 2024 Titles

In the Spotlight

To coincide with the publication of Paw Prints Publishing's Look Up!, CATS recently met with Claudia Erickson, Co-Founder/Director of Partnerships with the Unplug Collaborative. In 2009, the Unplug Collaborative began the (then National and now Global) Day of Unplugging, held annually each March. We sat down to talk with her about community, connection, fun ways to unplug, and the importance of libraries on all these fronts. Read the full interview here!


Storytime Palooza

Minivan Mix-Up

Join author Juliana Gaddis as she reads Minivan Mix-Up, a fun story about mixing up car keys and making new friends - with a teeny tiny relatable plot twist we've all almost had happen! 

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Featured Series

Jeremy's Big Role illustration

Ages 3-7

Join Forsynthia, a young dragon, and her family, in all sorts of adventures that blend science, fantasy, mystery, and fun.

  • Themes: Self-management, Self-awareness, Responsible Decision-making
  • A graphic novel woven with STEAM and female empowerment!
  • The characters are purposefully androgynous and embrace both traditionally feminine and masculine interests.
  • Something for every reader: STEAM, Mystery, Magic/Fantasy, Humor, Girl Power, Familial love…this series has it all! Reluctant readers will latch on to the bold colors, fast pacing, concise text, and humor. 
  • Titles in the series:

Fraggle Rock
Ages 3-8

Licensed publishing program for The Jim Henson Company's Emmy-Winning rebot Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock.

  • Themes: Managing Emotions, Friendship, Resilience
  • Series launch timed with the release of the series' second season, exclusively on AppleTV+.
  • Original content for young readers age 3-8 with the mission of sharing stories that inspire and enlighten children from all walks of life.
  • Following the launch in 2024, Paw Prints Publishing plans to continue spreading the Fraggle joy with additional episodic leveled readers, novelty books, and holiday-themed storybooks in 2026 and 2027.
  • Titles in the series:

Jeet and Fudge illustration

Jeet and Fudge
Ages 4-7

Meet a young Sikh boy named Jeet and his adorable side-kick chocolate labradoodle, and join them on their adventures in both volunteerism and  play!

  • Early/Leveled Reader Series: 3 available in 2022 with a 4th coming in 2023!
  • Themes: Managing Emotions and Building Empathy, Building and Maintaining Friendships, Diversity (Sikhism)
  • Level 2: Simple vocab, short sentences, substantive stories
  • Includes back matter and glossary on Sikhism
  • Educators guide available (coming soon)
  • Titles in the series:

"Jeet's family, who are first generation Indian American and practicing Sikhs, are a welcome sight in the landscape of early readers."-School Library Journal

Check out our friends at Checkers Library TV review Jeet and Fudge: Forever Friends!

Paw Prints Publishing Logo

Inspiring kids to leave their mark!

Paw Prints Publishing aims to build empathy, empowerment, and engagement in today's young people by creating quality books that are fun, informative, and representative of diverse and authentic voices.

Titles are leveled to Lexile and Fountas & Pinnell Reading Levels and align with the CASEL standards of social-emotional development.

Simultaneous formats are available for most titles.

Spanish language and World language editions are available for many titles, as well.


Public Librarians: Find Paw Prints Publishing titles on TS360 or through the library provider of your choice.

School Librarians & Booksellers: These titles are available wherever you order your books! Please contact Baker & Taylor Publisher Services to learn more!



Paw Prints Publishing publishes fiction and nonfiction with a focus on diverse voices, inclusivity, and social-emotional engagement. Currently, our portfolio emphasizes picture books and easy readers for audiences ages 3-8, and we continue to invest in those categories; however, we are also expanding our list to include graphic novels for ages 3-18 as well as beginner chapter books and novels for ages 8-18. To learn more about the kinds of books we publish, please explore our titles on the Edelweiss Baker & Taylor Publisher Services page.

We accept agented and unagented submissions. As a small team, we are not able to respond individually to every submission we receive or handle queries about submission status. We will get in touch if we are interested in pursuing your submission. We are always actively looking for diverse writers and artists. Please submit your nonfiction query, fiction manuscript, or art portfolio along with a cover letter as a PDF via email to [email protected] with the term "SUBMISSION" in the subject line.


*Logo art credit Fifi Abu


Baker & Taylor has a long and varied history in the American book world that began back in 1828. We have left our own paw prints in both the library and bookselling world for almost two centuries now! We started out as a binder and publisher of books and pivoted to book distribution later in the 20th century; the rest has been history. Today, we are the premier public library services provider and a worldwide distributor of books, digital content, and entertainment products. Gatekeepers have come to rely on us as trusted partners in the very special business of connecting literature and learning with their communities.


Now, we’re returning to our roots as a publisher. Paw Prints Publishing will bring original content to market for young readers in both physical and eBook formats. Our mission is to share stories that inspire and enlighten children from all walks of life, and we have a particular goal of publishing work featuring underserved or underrepresented communities. Books that focus on pillars of social emotional learning and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Books that are fun and informative and vital to today’s kids. Books that will inspire readers to leave their own beautiful and unique paw prints on this world.

*Please note that Paw Prints Prebind Editions will continue to be a reinforced library format program owned and managed by the CATS team at Baker & Taylor. In addition to creating Paw Prints Prebinds of other publishers’ material, Paw Prints Prebinds will be created of Paw Prints Publishing originals, delivered with the same Lifetime Guaranteed Binding public libraries have come to rely on.

For comments or considerations, please email our editorial and marketing team at: [email protected]

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Featured Titles

Bunso Meets a Duwende

Rev Valdez | 09/24/2024 | Hardcover | 9781223188386 | $18.99

Join young Bunso on his mission to find the Duwende and recover the yummy Ube Halaya that has been stolen before his family's Thanksgiving dinner – their Kamayan – is ruined! Order Now

The Eco Family Book

Frann Preston-Gannon | 04/02/2024 | Paperback | 9781223188065 | $7.99

This title follows six families throughout the day to show the things we can all do around the house to live in a more environmentally conscious way. Order Now

The Ghost of the Blanes Museum

Lou Maraiti | 07/23/2024 | Hardcover | 9781223188119 | $18.99

Clara is a ghost living in the now-museum that was once her home. But being a ghost is lonely and Clara craves the connection she once enjoyed. Music is her only comfort, and practicing when she thinks no one is around makes her feel most alive. Little does she know, someone is listening who is as lonely as she. Order Now

Look Up! Fontain the Pigeon Starts a Revolution

Britt Gondolfi | 04/30/2024 | Hardcover | 9781223188089 | $18.99

Fontaine, a small pigeon, is fed up with the world's addiction to technology. In response, he rallies a cohort of birds and, with their help, leads an ICKY revolution that forces people to put down their phones, look up, and connect with nature and each other. Order Now

My Code Word: For When I’m Scared or Afraid

Lynn Joseph | 05/07/2024 |Hardcover | 9781223187365 | $18.99

A boy internalizes the negative things in the world - wildfires, violence, etc. - to a point where he begins to fear for his future. When everything seems most hopeless, his mother comes up with a clever solution to allay his fears and help him tackle the world head on. Order Now

The Switch

Jesse Byrd | 04/02/2024 | Hardcover | 9781223186337 | $17.99

When Kibwe’s basketball success starts going to his head, Kibwe’s dad decides to do something drastic to teach him some lessons that’ll work on (and off) the court. Order Now

Summer Reading

Summer Reading 2024

Summer Reading 

It's here! The 2024 Summer Reading Prize Program is officially live. We are thrilled to offer more than 1,000 titles at discounted pricing for your summer reading challenges (and other giveaway programs throughout the year)!


We want to invite you to browse our Summer Reading 2024 catalog here. If you are a TS 360 user, and ready to build your cart before sending it to our CATS team so special pricing can be applied and the order submitted, you can browse all TS 360 Summer Lists.


Summer Reading 2024

Summer Reading Kickoff

Join us on Tuesday June 12, 2024 at 4 pm E.S.T/1 pm P.S.T. for a special conversation on summer reading and the vital importance of public libraries! Our special guest moderator, Mychal Threets, is the former supervising librarian at Solano County Library in CA, 2023 winner of the I Love My Librarian Award from ALA, and a viral internet advocate for library joy. Mychal will be joined by NYT bestselling authors, Hena Kahn (Amina's Voice, Amina's Song, the Super You! series) and Chris Grabenstein (Mr. Lemoncello's Library) series. Register Here

Story Time Palooza Week

Save the dates! We have a month full of events in June, all virtual, to celebrate the start of Summer Reading for Libraries and Kids across the country. Click here! for additional Story Time Palooza dates.

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