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Jeet and Fudge illustration

Jeet and Fudge
Ages 5-7

Meet a young Sikh boy named Jeet and his adorable side-kick chocolate labradoodle, and join them on their adventures in both volunteerism and  play!

  • Beginner Readers Level 1 and 2
  • Themes: Managing Emotions and Building Empathy, Building and Maintaining Friendships, Diversity (Sikhism)
  • Level 2 in the Reading Success series: Simple vocab, short sentences, substantive stories / includes backmatter

Baker & Taylor illustration

Baker and Taylor
Ages 5-8

Join two library cats, Baker and Taylor, as they travel to different cities in search of knowledge, play, and a good read. What will these buddies discover next?!

  • Themes: Problem-Solving, Friendship, Regional Culture and History
  • Includes true facts throughout these storybooks, so readers can learn all about the people and places Baker and Taylor visit

Jeremy's Big Role illustration

Celebrating Mr. Garcia's Class
Ages 3-7

Take a seat in Mr. Garcia's class and join the students as they learn how to support and champion their differently-abled classmates and friends.

  • Themes: Diversity, Championing differently-abled children
  • All titles vetted by speech language pathologists and children's therapists / includes backmatter

Smile In Your Pocket Illustration

Caring for Ourselves and the World Around Us
Ages 3-7

Storybook primers to use as conversation starters on different pillars of social emotional learning made more relevant during the pandemic era: managing anxiety and loneliness, coping with topics like food insecurity and absentee caregivers, etc.

  • Themes: Building Social Awareness and Empathy, Managing Emotions, Understanding our World
  • All titles vetted by children’s therapists / includes backmatter

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About Paw Prints Publishing

Baker & Taylor has a long and varied history in the American book world that began back in 1828. We have left footprints (our own paw prints!) in both the library and bookselling for almost two centuries now, and we are not slowing down! We started out as a binder and publisher of books and pivoted to book distribution later in the 20th century; the rest has been history. Today, we are the premier worldwide distributor of books, digital content, and entertainment products. Librarians, educators, and booksellers have come to rely on us as trusted partners in the very special business of connecting literature and learning with their communities.

In 2022, we are launching Paw Prints Publishing and will bring original content to market for young readers in both physical and eBook formats. Our mission is to share stories that inspire and enlighten children and teens from all walks of life, and we have a particular goal of publishing work featuring and for underserved or underrepresented kids. Prose that focuses on social emotional learning and diversity. Stories that might not have been told in previous years, but that are vital to the experience of children today. Fiction and nonfiction that encourages young people to free their minds, bodies, and souls so they can become their most authentic and successful selves. Books that inspire them to leave their own beautiful and diverse paw prints on this ever-evolving, glorious world.

*Paw Prints Prebinds will continue to be a reinforced-library FORMAT program owned and managed by CATS. These editions will be absorbed as an off-shoot of Paw Prints Publishing. In addition to created Paw Prints Prebinds of other publishers material, Paw Prints Prebinds will create prebinds of Paw Prints Publishing originals, delivered with the Lifetime Guaranteed Binding you have come to rely on.

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